Motivated to merge

Written by: Carl Valentine | Managing Partner | PVW Partners | November 9, 2020

As a small-medium business owner, it’s important to be open to opportunities to grow and strengthen your market position when and as those moments arise.  Quite often, opportunities can be entirely organic and come along when you least expect it.  

Joining forces with like-minded business owners can be an extremely beneficial way of supporting the longer term, sustainable success of your operation.

If you are thinking of a merger, our advice is don’t jump in too quickly and engage professionals to ensure you are making the right move. The most successful mergers happen when there is full disclosure from both companies and are driven by the same future goals.

The importance of having a clear vision and documented team culture that is embodied by management, is essential to making a smooth transition for people within both organisations. It can be a tricky exercise, but it is important to set clear expectations from the very start, to avoid a lot of pain later down the line.




“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing together two teams that are both passionate about regional Australia…”


Since moving from a Big 4 firm to a locally owned and operated business back in 2017, PVW Partners has had a purpose of Regional Australians Growing Regional Australia. As part of that commitment, the firm was incredibly excited to recently further strengthen its commitment to regional Queensland by merging with Townsville-based Richards Business Centre (RBC).

PVW Partners Managing Partner Carl Valentine said the merger is the next step in the firm’s sustainable growth journey. “We’re incredibly excited to be bringing together two teams that are both passionate about regional Australia and together we’re going to be able to do even more to support regional Australians trying to grow their part of the world,” Carl said.

“RBC Principal Lisa Richards is a senior business leader in Townsville and brings considerable experience and knowledge, as well as some incredible business acumen. We’re thrilled she’ll be joining our leadership team as a Partner at PVW Partners and grateful that she too recognised the incredible potential in this merger.

“For the clients already working with us, it is another part of our growth journey and ensuring sustainability of the firm into the future. Clients at the Richards Business Centre will continue to get to work with the same great team they have always worked with. The only real change will be the further strengthening of the service offering we can provide from under the PVW Partners brand.

Lisa has been operating her own practice in Townsville for over 28 years, after starting her career with PriceWaterhouse in 1986.

“It is a homecoming of sorts and brings my career path full circle. It really is an exciting merger as PVW Partners feels very similar to what RBC represents, just on a larger scale. At the core though, we have the same values, the same focus on client delivery and making the workplace environment a great one for our staff,” Lisa said.

“It’s incredible how these things happen; the merger conversation was purely organic and happened only after I reached out to PVW Partners Partner Greg Peel about the difficulties I was having in recruiting skilled staff.

“We started to discuss the possibilities of uniting and it quickly became apparent that a merger made a lot of sense. I’m really thrilled to be uniting with a firm that has such a great reputation and is just as passionate about regional Queensland as I am.”

The RBC Team will remain at its Charters Towers Road premises until July 2021, at which time it will join the PVW Partners team at the Walker Street office in Townsville City.

The merger will take the PVW Partners staffing numbers to 50 and increase the client base to around 1,000 individual and family groups.

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