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Written by: Marissa Candy | Editor | Success North Queensland | November 9, 2020

The end of the year is near and I know many of you are already wishing 2021 would arrive and kick 2020 into tomorrow. With all that has happened this year, no one could blame us for wanting a clean slate! I’m also aware though that it’s important for us to acknowledge what 2020 what it has given us. For many, it’s been a wake-up call, for others it’s been filled with tragedy, for some it’s sent their business on a different path. It’s united communities, and shone the light on the importance of local, regional and domestic supply chains. So, as we approach the end of 2020, please take a moment and give a thought to the year that was before stepping into the year that will be.

This edition’s cover story features the marvellous Maggie Beer [p14], the epitome of hard work, taking risks and giving anything a go. With this being our 50th edition, it’s deliciously appropriate to have Maggie on our cover. When I read Maggie’s story, I’m impressed by her longevity. She stayed true to her own path, and was able to build an incredible multimillion-dollar food empire, with no formal training, just sheer instinct, hard work and her family by her side.  

It’s important to celebrate our milestones, in work, in life, big or little. Often when we’re caught up being busy, these wins go by with minimal thought. Whether it’s throwing yourself a birthday party when you usually only celebrate the kids’ birthdays; treating yourself to a bottle of bubbles after a significant win at work; booking in that anniversary dinner before it rolls right by. Just do it.

Of course, with the end of the year comes Christmas. For those of you who revel in cooking a Christmas feast, follow Maggie on Instagram for some superb recipes or her website ( is a treasure trove of homecooked gems. In this edition, we also feature our own local foodie Jaimie Archer’s latest recipe, for lemon and rosemary charcoal chicken with roasted radish and cracked pepper ranch [p60]. It’s a dish fit for the Christmas table, or just for a Saturday dinner at home with the family.

On that note, eat, drink and be merry and I’ll see you in 2021!


“It’s important to celebrate our milestones, in work, in life, big or little.”


Milestone 50th edition

After 50 editions, I want to take this moment to thank you, our readers for keeping our pages read and relevant. It’s your devotion to supporting local and regional businesses, events and people that makes Success a success.

Over 10 years we have evolved from a business publication to now be a publication that celebrates both business and lifestyle, because achieving a sense of balance – whatever that looks like to you – is important.

Here, I invite you to take a quick glimpse down memory lane at some of our more recent past covers.

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