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Written by: Ryan Bird | Rapid Building Approvals | September 4, 2020

When it comes to getting residential building approvals fast, things don’t move much quicker than they do through Rapid Building Approvals. The North Queensland owned and operated business delivers 24-hour turnarounds, recognising that delays mean dollars to your project.

Whether it’s a new home, extension, a new deck, swimming pool, shed, carport or re-roof, your residential construction project can’t proceed without the required building approvals. For many, that means a delay of at least a week or two. For Rapid Building Approvals customers, it means a ‘delay’ of just 24 hours.

The North Queensland-based business, with offices in Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and Mareeba, services all of Queensland, drawing on modern software and systems to cut the wait time out of the approvals process. Founder, Ryan Bird, is a North Queensland local with experience working as a building surveyor for both government and private sector.

“For builders to get their tradespeople on the ground working a day or a week faster, that will save them time and money.”

“From my experience, building approval delays usually come from mounting jobs sitting on desks or in inboxes,” says Ryan. “With our software and our commitment to returning your phone call or email, usually within the hour, we are able to cut down that wait time significantly. Customer service is fundamental to our business. Whether you’re a big builder feeding us 100 jobs a year, or a first-time customer doing a garden shed, you’ll get the same level of service from us.”

Since launching the Rapid Building Approvals brand in May 2020, Ryan and his team across North Queensland have delivered more than 450 approvals.

“We deliver building certification approvals fast because of our software and processes,”  says Ryan. “Our team is energetic and committed to our customer service proposition, so there’s no dragging the chain.”


Career potential

To keep up with demand, Ryan and his team are always looking for opportunities for growth, including expanding throughout more of Queensland and attracting new blood to the industry. 

“If you went to a school and asked the students what they want to be when graduate, I don’t think you’d hear ‘building certifier’ or ‘building surveyor’. It isn’t a career that’s usually front of mind. It’s a goal of mine to grow awareness of our industry and what we do. I’d like to eventually promote our industry through career days at schools and other career path opportunities,” says Ryan. “The building surveying industry is an aging industry. Comparative to the industry, our teams at Rapid are quite young, but also experienced and very tech-savvy which helps to lower our costs.”

When looking at the skills or traits required to be a building surveyor, Ryan says it’s all about the soft skills these days – people skills, having conversations, returning phone calls, what he calls ‘good old customer service’. “With Google at our fingertips with smart phones – knowledge isn’t what it used to be anymore. Almost anyone can find information on anything but you need those customer service skills to get you ahead, deliver that information in a way to our clients that gives them confidence in the building process. If you email our firm, our team are drilled to ensure instant replies to any queries. That’s the difference between our company and our competitors, and the reason why I believe we have been so successful, so fast.”


Keeping costs down

As well as streamlined processes and software, Ryan and his Rapid team are able to keep costs down for their customers by focusing exclusively on residential building approvals to avoid the hefty PI insurance premiums associated with commercial industry. Ryan says these savings are passed on to customers.


Rapid turnarounds save you time and money

“We have branched into new areas of North Queensland based on customer demand, builders contacting us from word of mouth recommendations,” says Ryan. “For builders to get their tradespeople on the ground working a day or a week faster, that will save them time and money.”

For more information on Rapid Building Approvals, go to rapidapprovals.com.au

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