Editors Notes

Written by: Marissa Candy | Editor | Success North Queensland | September 4, 2020

We’re back baby! On behalf of the entire Success NQ team, thank you for supporting this magazine and our many advertisers through what has been an interesting time. Like many businesses, we took a little hiatus during COVID-19 to review our business. As a result, we focused on delivering more digital content, and welcomed many new partners to our Success family. As a result, we have seen a dramatic increase in our social reach and now have a combined following of more than 8,500. (Come and join us! Find us on Instagram or Facebook.) Our weekly newsletters also proved popular, with open rates exceeding our initial expectations. It goes to show that our north Queensland residents want to read about the stories we share and be inspired, possibly even more so during challenging times.

“I am inspired by all the new businesses, products and services that have launched and expanded over the past few months – with both smarts and speed.”


This edition marks our first printed issue since April/May. Thank you to the NQ business community for backing this region-proud publication. The recent months have shown us how critical it is to support local and regional businesses. While we still have the freedom to explore the north and support each other, let’s make the most of it! Whether that’s eating at a local café, contracting a local service provider or holidaying here in our own big and beautiful backyard, we have everything we need right here.

While this edition marks our return to print, we are also highly aware that we are delivering this edition during uncertain times. There is no end date for “the new normal”. But yes, there are still opportunities out there for the taking. And many of you have grabbed them by the bull horns! I am inspired by all the new businesses, products and services that have launched and expanded over the past few months – with both smarts and speed. The agility of business is something that astounds me, how quickly some large corporations have acted around change and despite uncertainty, companies have formed, launched and are now operating multi-million-dollar enterprises. And small and medium businesses have launched new services or products that would normally take months, within just weeks. Congratulations on your perseverance and determination – that’s the stuff we value here at success.

In this edition we have a higher education highlight, featuring senior schools of the North that are providing leading educational options for our children. It is only two years from now that I will be faced with secondary school choices for my children and it is reassuring that we have many great options for parents to choose from.

Another certainty, aside from children requiring schools, is our seniors requiring quality aged care services. We’ve been reminded of this particularly during the recent months. Quality care is critical. And we’re lucky to have many quality providers here in NQ. In this edition we feature some of the businesses Caring for our Community and a special on NDIS.

Well, loyal readers and valued partners, thank you again for your support. Until next time…


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