From the Editor

Written by: Marissa Candy | April 2, 2020

Sitting down to write this column, I’m not exactly sure what to write. It seems the market in which we exist is changing by the day/hour/minute. By the time I finish one sentence, the situation has already evolved. 

For many business owners, writing a business continuity plan in early March seemed almost unnecessary. By mid-March many of us had already actioned the early phases. By March 25, some of you had closed your doors and flipped your business model on its head. That same day, I was sending this magazine to print.

How quickly the world can change in just a few short weeks, even days. It’s mind-boggling, but also very levelling. As a business owner, nothing is a given – not even taxes in the face of COVID-19. 

I want to take this moment to remind you all that we are in this together. As the owner of a regional publication that exists to connect, promote and support regional businesses, it will be our community around us that breathes life back into all the businesses doing it tough – the retailers, the restaurants and cafes, the hairdressers and make-up artists, the tourism and events businesses and all the others, the list is bloody long. 

It feels strange to deliver a magazine to market, not knowing what will change between the time I upload it to the printer and the time the magazine reaches you at your home or work, but I do know that our message is more important than ever – business must continue, albeit in a different form. 

Within this edition, we showcase many of the incredible businesses within our region, sharing their knowledge and advice, their products and their innovations. Our cover story features an inspiring Aussie family making waves in the recycling industry [p10]. In the circumstance we find ourselves currently, a story about an Australian start-up that was conceived at a family’s kitchen table, has innovated within its own industry, and manufactures its product 100% locally, is highly relevant. 

Let’s all spend our time at home listening to our children, thinking outside the box and giving ideas the time and space they need to embed before we push them aside and get caught up in the ‘busy’. Whether that’s reinventing the wheel like Good Citizens’ Nik Robinson has, or just implementing improvements into your business or home life.

We have a bumpy ride ahead, but we also have the opportunity to step back and look at our businesses through a new lens. How are your customers able to connect with you online? Do you need to upgrade to an ecommerce website? Have you been forced to change your supply chain? What opportunities are there for you in that? Could new services or products help you maintain your existing customer base? Online engagement is at an all-time high right now. Do you need to work on your social media presence? Need a hand with email marketing? If you haven’t already, book time with your A-team – those who can help you navigate a clearer path – your accountant, your banker, your broker, your lawyer, your industry association, your business network, your marketer, etc. 

Please know that as soon as we have the greenlight to return to life as usual, your NQ community will be all over your businesses like supermarket shoppers on a freshly stocked toilet paper aisle.

With you for the ride.

Success North Queensland