Innovation & Collaboration

Written by: JCU Connect | April 1, 2020

JCU is committed to building and supporting a vibrant innovation ecosystem, expanding on existing activities and initiatives to deepen the University’s relationships with regional, national and international innovation partners.


JCU Connect leads the University’s innovation agenda including support for the JCU Ideas Lab.


Innovative collaboration between universities and industry allows research to have impact where it is needed most.


JCU Ideas Lab – a catalyst for innovation

JCU Ideas Lab, opening mid-July 2020, will be a welcoming, collaborative space to cultivate an inclusive environment of scientific and entrepreneurial excellence and amplify the connection of JCU’s research and student community to industry and start-ups. The Ideas Lab will host innovation activities designed to encourage connection through knowledge exchange and addressing industry and social challenges. The co-working space will be a launch pad for founders with an appetite to apply technology-enabled solutions to their business.


Director of the Cairns Campus, David Craig, sees digital innovation as a key enabler in supporting and advancing digital transformation in the region.

“It is anticipated that JCU’s expertise in Internet of Things will be a catalyst for innovation in a diverse range of industries and sectors including health, agriculture, the environment and tourism.”


Area 61 – JCU Townsville’s Design and Build Studio

Area 61 has the ability to design, create, build and turn innovative ideas into reality. Area 61 is planned to be available to industry mid-year. Formed originally from the demand to build unique and technically complex items to directly support research over the last 30 years, Area 61 has been created to expand and provide this unique capability to cater to the needs of the wider Northern Australian innovation ecosystem.

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