Evolving with you

Written by: Evolution IT | April 1, 2020

Local business Evolution IT has been helping customers with IT networking since 2006, however in 2020 the IT company has added new marketing services to its catalogue under the brand Evolution FX. It’s all part of Evolution IT’s commitment to helping local businesses evolve.


Evolution is a key part of business. Even if your product or service hasn’t changed much since last decade, the back-end of your business certainly would have. Since 2006, Evolution IT has helped local businesses with all things IT related, sales and servicing, including networking, dedicated servers, cloud servers, computers and Microsoft cloud services. 


“We’re now able to really take the reins when it comes to anything IT related. There isn’t much we don’t cover.”


Evolution IT has recently launched a new division, Evolution FX, to offer new and existing customers website design and hosting, SEO, marketing, social media services, graphic design, animation, video editing and effects. 

“A lot of businesses are looking for a one-stop shop,” says Scott Leathers, Evolution IT’s Marketing Specialist, Web Designer and Network Engineer.

Scott says the most common obstacles businesses have with things like IT, SEO, websites and social media is that they are 1) busy focusing on the day-to-day operations, and 2) that they don’t know where to start. But that is no reason to have a limited online presence.

“This space is constantly changing, and as a result so are our methods,” says Scott. “We’re experienced with constant evolution in the IT industry and using modern development platforms to stay current”.

“SEO [search engine optimisation], for example, changes all the time. What you want is regular, unique content pointing back to your website and social media channels to satisfy the Google algorithm. When we talk about ‘content’, that could be a blog post or a video, and if we are looking at Facebook and Instagram, video is the future. We can create your content, distribute and manage posting, start to finish.

“We’re now able to really take the reins when it comes to anything IT related, whether that’s network, servers, computers, or your website, social media, videos or multimedia advertising. There isn’t much we don’t cover.”

While Evolution FX offers guidelines for packages, Scott says everything Evolution IT does is tailored to the customer. Anyone interested in Evolution IT or Evolution FX services should phone, email or make contact via social media to discuss options.



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