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Written by: Success North Queensland | January 31, 2020

When it comes to shaping your body, sometimes you need a little boost. The Body Clinic has the newest technology, the niftiest gadgets and the passionate beauty therapists to help you feel good from the inside out. The best bit? Your confidence gets a boost as well.

When it comes to sculpting your body, there are a lot of elements that come into play. Genetics, exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices. Do you drink enough water? Do you get enough sleep? How well do you deal with stress?

Sometimes, you feel you’re doing everything you can get to achieve your best body but you still need a little boost. It might be stubborn love handles, bingo lady arms, saddle bags, a stomach pouch, back fat or any other strange name we’ve nicknamed those areas so many of us struggle to embrace. 

That’s where technology comes in. There are many non-invasive body shaping treatments available today, from fat freezing technology, to ultrasonic cavitation, radio-frequency techniques, lymphatic drainage suits and even modernised full-body massage rollers.

The Body Clinic, formally called Slimland, is a North Queensland institution. It’s a boutique clinic with personalised service, and the only one in the North offering European treatments specifically targeted at body shaping. 

In 2020, almost 11 years since opening Slimland on Charters Towers Road, owner Martina Albrechtova has rebranded her business to The Body Clinic. She has merged the business with her daughter Eva Albrechtova’s eyebrow shaping business. The new name reflects not only the expansion into microblading and eyebrow tattooing, but also the profile of The Body Clinic’s customer base which is around 60% women and 40% men.


“The best reward for me is when my clients say, ‘thank you, I love my body, you’ve changed my life!”


“All of our treatments are for everyone, not just women,” says Martina.

“We’re big on body positivity,” adds Eva. “Everyone’s body is different and shaping it isn’t necessarily about slimming, or aiming for unrealistic changes. Our treatments are about helping people feel good, and look the best they can. Many of our clients are already active clients, and just need assistance with specific, stubborn areas. Other clients want to start at the gym but need a confidence boost before they begin.”

Such treatments include a lymphatic drainage space suit, that uses pressure to massage your feet, legs and up to your waist. “The lymphatic system pretty much cleans out the rubbish from your body, so when people get sick you feel your lymph nodes are swollen,” explains Eva. “So, in a way, your lymphatic system is like the cleaner for your body. It’s also really good for athlete recovery.”

Another is the rolletic massager, a large massage machine that reduces fat pads, improves muscle tone and mobilises lymphatic flow. “One hour on the rolletic massager feels like three hours in the gym,” says Martina. 

Recently, Martina and Eva travelled to Hong Kong for a global beauty expo and returned with four high-tech body shaping machines – EMshape (to burn fat and build muscle), radio frequency (for skin tightening), ultrasonic cavitation (to remove stubborn fat pockets) and fat freezing (to permanently remove fat cells).

Before any treatment, Martina and Eva do an initial consultation with new or prospective clients, to discuss lifestyle, activity and health. This determines which treatments will be suitable. “We don’t want you to waste money, we want you to see results,” says Eva.

“What we do here doesn’t feel like work for me,” Martina confesses, “I love it. The best reward for me is when my clients say, ‘thank you, I love my body, you’ve changed my life!”

Cutting-edge technology
One of The Body Clinic’s newest treatments is EMshape, which uses high intensity electromagnetic stimulation (HI-ES technology) to stimulate the muscle, providing intensive continuous contractions. In a single 20–30 minute session the device performs the equivalent of more than 20,000 painless crunches or squats. For best results, The Body Clinic recommends twice-weekly sessions for four weeks (eight sessions total). Results can be seen 4–12 weeks after the final session. EMShape is suited to women post-pregnancy, athletes, body builders, and those that can’t exercise, or simply is looking to improve muscle tone and shred fat.


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