Our Family Christmas Collection With Mark “Chooky” Edwards, radio announcer on 102.3 Triple M

Written by: Mark “Chooky” Edwards | November 29, 2019

Tell us what happens on Christmas Day for you?
Our family has two very different sides to Christmas. My side of the family is tiny – both my parents were only children – so no uncles, aunties, cousins for Chrissie day. In the early days, we could fit my whole family around a 5-6 person table for Christmas lunch! Where my wife comes from a more traditional ‘big family’, with many sets of cousins, extended families, and if they all get together for Christmas Day, you’d need to organise a bus to get them there! So, each year, we try to do rotate our tradition, a big Christmas, then a little one.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
Our family has an amazing holiday home on the banks of the Hastings River in Port Macquarie NSW, with its own little jetty to go fishing all day, and the perfect spot to soak in the most amazing sunsets. The only issue is trying to coordinate with other siblings to try and get the place to yourself!

What do you love about raising a family in Townsville?
Townsville isn’t our home town, but we’ve lived here twice in the last two decades, we just seem to gravitate back to paradise. With our kids, there was always a temptation to move back to our hometown of Rockhampton to raise the family, but Townsville is home now. There is so much on offer for our family, we can have weekends of non-stop activities, or slow it all down and just relax with the family at one of our favourite hangouts. 


“Trying to teach the kids to fish at the breakwater as the ferries cruise past, then fish and chips for dinner!”


Do you have any family pets?
Basil, the King Charles Cavalier. Nicknamed after Basil Fawlty from the classic TV show “Fawlty Towers.” Why you ask? He was born with pedigree papers, but he was the runt of the litter, so they all thought he was ‘faulty’.

What are your favourite family activities?
Trying to teach the kids to fish at the breakwater as the ferries cruise past, then fish and chips for dinner! We also take our camper trailer around to our favourite spots, like Rollingstone, Paluma and Crystal Creek.

Where will you hang out in the holidays?
Only a really quick break for me this year, because most of the time I’ll be at the Triple M studios as I get to cover Pricey’s breakfast show over the Christmas break. The family will spend a couple of days back home with the grandparents, so they can spoil them rotten with presents. Then it’s my task to work the logistics of getting said presents (normally oversized) back to Townsville! Last year it was a trampoline so we will see what Santa has in store this year. 

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