Choose You Conference

Written by: Aimee Hair | November 29, 2019

Immersive. Transformation. Motivational  – An experience you will never forget.

I’ve been to see speakers, I’ve attended conferences and expos, all that promise transformation, but there was something that I saw was lacking – the fun! It is proven that we absorb more information when we participate and are fully immersed in the experience. I have a passion for creating a ‘wow’ factor, and with a desire to bring that into this conference, Choose You will incorporate a theatrical element for everyone to enjoy. This style of event isn’t currently happening in Australia and I’m excited to bring this new concept to the country. 

What can people expect?
Attendees will walk away from the conference pumped full of energy, with a deep appreciation for the challenges they face in their normal everyday lives and strategy of how to overcome them. Fully immerse yourself, achieve massive transformation and breakthrough the barriers that are holding you back from reaching the ‘next level’.

How often is it happening?
The Choose You conference will take place every two months in a different location around the country. We have other styles of conferences that we are in the process of creating too; everything from teaching women to unlock their raw feminine power to straight out business coaching with world leading investors, economists and entrepreneurs. 

Why should I attend?
If you are facing a challenge, which let’s face it everyone does at some stage in their lives, or if you are hungry for more, want more information, want more inspiration, or want more growth personally and professionally, then this event is for you! There is a massive world out there and you can achieve the big dreams that you keep saying ‘one day’ to. Let this be the event that helps you launch into your dream and make it reality. 

Our vision
We want to bring this event back year after year, and it is our goal to attract the biggest names in the personal and professional development industry. This is just the beginning, and over the next three years we plan to bring some amazing international identities not only to our conferences around the country, but to Townsville. It excites me what we can offer the community, local tourism and our economy. 

Register now! 
Don’t sit back and let this opportunity go by. We need the north’s support to ensure future events of this magnitude can be held right here in Townsville. If you’ve caught yourself saying “We never get those kinds of events in Townsville”, or “I’d love to attend but can’t afford the travel costs,” then this event has come to you that ticks all the personal and professional development boxes. It offers tremendous value not only to the people attending, but to the local economy. With this calibre of speakers coming to our fine city, they will talk, and they will most certainly post on their social media pages and promote the region. The time is now, and we are look forward to sharing in an amazing day with you. 


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