How Much Water Should I Be Using?

Written by: Success North Queensland | September 30, 2019

Did you know that more than 70% of Townsville’s water is used on residential lawns and gardens? A single hose can use 10ltrs of water per minute. Most of this water usage can be reduced simply by talking to an expert and choosing the right watering methods, turf and plants to suit your area.

At PPS we are the experts who know when and how long you need to water for and have the products to support it. 

Within the residential irrigation sector, PPS can offer all forms of irrigation including a range of pumps, controllers, timers and sensors, sprinklers and sprays, drip irrigation, hoses and pipes, fittings, pond equipment, drainage, fertigation systems and fertilisers to help you have a successful water smart yard. 



Your home should be as smart as you are, and your outdoor living space is no exception. Hydrawise integrates with several industry-leading smart home products, like Control4 and Amazon Alexa, for the ultimate solution in home automation. Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. Add a simple-to-install flow meter and set up automatic notifications to alert you of broken pipes or sprinklers.

Daily schedule adjustments based on local weather data monitor past, current and forecasted temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind speed. This allows for adjustments of watering times and schedules to balance water savings with water efficiency for plants.


Here are 7 ways to minimise your use of water in the garden.

1. Look after your soil.

2. Water at the right time.

3. Use the right amount of water.

4. Select plants that need less water, and suit your local environment.

5. Use the best watering techniques for your plants.

6. Collect rainwater and reuse old water.

7. Fertilise seasonally.

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