Attention seeking for a cause

Written by: Success North Queensland | July 29, 2019

With its shiny new blue look, one of RMS’s excavators is capturing attention for a good cause. Still hard at work on construction sites in the north, the excavator is spreading the Beyond Blue message to raise awareness for mental health.

For civil construction company RMS, billboards aren’t exactly their business. But that’s exactly what one of their Komatsu PC88 excavators is moonlighting as across the region. The excavator recently received a makeover, taking the Beyond Blue colours and logo to raise awareness for mental health around Townsville.

Managing Director Richard McDonald says Beyond Blue do a fantastic job in raising awareness of depression, anxiety and mental health issues and painting an excavator blue was a way to show support. 

“For us, this was a simple, visual way to raise awareness and spark discussion around mental health. Often the first step is for people to acknowledge they are struggling and talk to a mate,” says Richard.

According to Beyond Blue, one in every five Australians will experience a mental health issue at some time in their life. Statistically, that means every few cars that pass RMS jobsites around north Queensland are carrying someone living with a mental health issue. 

“It’s a conversation starter,” adds RMS Operations Manager Glen Langfeldt.

“It’s a way of bringing the discussion to the forefront and perhaps making someone feel a bit more comfortable to say they aren’t feeling OK, whether they are working on a jobsite and see the blue excavator, or they are driving past – because you can’t miss it! She’s bright blue!”


“This was a simple, visual way to raise awareness and spark discussion around mental health.” – Richard McDonald


An estimated 3 million Australians live with anxiety or depression. There is support and treatment available. Talk to your GP, or visit the Beyond Blue website for guidance.

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