Lights, camera, eat!

Written by: Success North Queensland | May 31, 2019

You’re out at a restaurant/café/bar and overhear the people at the table next to you talking about how hungry they are. The waiter comes out just moments later, placing meals around the table. Instead of picking up cutlery, the diners pick up their iPhones and start snapping. What do you do – do you roll your eyes, or do you follow suit when your own meal arrives? 

The rise and rise of photographing our food over the past decade has launched various studies. One such study, published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing suggests that: The act of taking a picture before eating can actually make food taste better. Hence, the natural-light seeking, angle tweaking and prop positioning can actually be worthwhile.

In the past, picking a restaurant was easy. You’d see an ad, or hear from a friend, maybe even Google restaurants in your area. Today, you jump on Instagram and search hashtags, read a blog or review the food images on show. If the food isn’t good on Instagram, can it be any good in real life? Ahh, the power of social media and its impact on our perceptions of reality.

Of course, the proof is always in the pudding; what looks good isn’t always what tastes good. But giving your customers good looking, ‘grammable food is certainly a smart way to get them in the door.

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