Ball Park Music – The Good Good Mood Tour

Written by: Meghan Peters | May 31, 2019

Bringing feel good vibes to regional towns across Australia Hitting a Home Run on the Australian music scene.

It seems like a lifetime ago that ‘melancholic pop masters’ Ball Park Music came to the attention of music lovers nationwide on Triple J’s Unearthed; but it was only 2011. In the eight years since, the band has produced five albums, the last four having debuted in the top 10 of the ARIA charts. Their most recent album Good Mood debuted at #5 and received ARIA Award nominations for Best Cover Art, Best Producer and Best Engineer. 

Success NQ took five with lead vocalist and guitarist Sam Cromack ahead of the band’s epic Good Good Mood regional tour to talk small-town gigs, musical inspiration and what it means to ‘evolve’ in the music industry. 

Thanks for chatting to us, Sam! You guys have barely taken a breath since releasing Good Mood early last year and touring the Good Good Mood Tour to capital cities. How have you prepared for this huge 21-show regional tour?
We’ve just been laying low – we’ve all taken a few months after finishing up the metro tours of ‘Exactly How You Are’ late last year. Individually, we had a few personal commitments over Christmas, I did some recording with a few people outside the band, and we also spent some time in the studio working on new music, so that was a great way to head into this new series of shows. 

When did Ball Park Music first get together?
We all met at uni in Brisbane back in 2008. We were studying music, and the band was kind of this thing that we did on the side while we studied. It didn’t feel very professional back then, but by the time we finished our degrees, we had quite a following in Brisbane and things were ramping up quite a bit, so we started to take the band more seriously. 

In 2011, Ball Park Music won Triple J Unearthed Artist of the Year. How has the band evolved since that happened?
So many things have changed, but they also kind of stay the same. There is a process to what we do. I see it as an arc – at the beginning of the arc there’s writing and recording, and then you put a record out, then you do lots of touring in support of that record, and then the process starts all over again. That whole process usually takes at least two years, sometimes more, sometimes less, and usually it overlaps, like we’ll start writing new music while we’re touring the current album. 

It’s a constant evolution, we get together and reflect on our own music and consider the direction that new music is going. I don’t think making music has lost any of its charm – for me, and I think I can speak on behalf of my band mates, I’m still really enthusiastic about making and creating new music and hopefully I will continue to evolve and have new ideas going forward. 

Who have your musical influences been growing up? Is there a musical genre that you aspire to?
Our sound is kind of a combination of The Beatles (I’m a Beatles tragic and so is Daniel), something ratty and energetic from when we were young like Blink 182 – a bit punk, a bit irreverent, up-tempo and energetic. That’s the kind of music we aspire to as a band, especially for Daniel and Dean (twin brothers who are also part of Ball Park Music) who grew up playing a lot of harder rock music. I’d say those combined with Australia’s indie rock music traditions that I grew up listening to. My dad was very much into the Australian guitar rock music on Triple J – bands like Midnight Oil, Custard, You Am I, Powderfinger.  So all of the above – Beatles, Blink 182, Aussie guitar rock – that’s probably the combination of sounds your mostly in for from our band. 

What can we expect to see from Ball Park’s run of North Queensland shows?
Last year we did a lot of work on the shows incorporating songs from ‘Good Mood’, and I feel like there’s generally an evolution of our presentation on stage. We did some of the biggest shows of our career last year, and we learnt a lot from that, we gained a new confidence but at the same time we’re still very chilled out.  What can you expect? New songs and new energy. The North Queensland fans haven’t seen this side of us yet, so it should be great. 


Ball Park Music’s Good Good Mood Tour 

Saturday 22 June  |  Dalrymple Hotel, Townsville QLD

Sunday 23 June  |  The Jack, Cairns QLD

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