The opportunities of an engineering degree

Written by: Success NQ | April 1, 2019

When talking about jobs of the future, Engineering is often touted as a solid option. Why? Because it’s broad, it demands creativity and problem-solving and new jobs demanding engineering skills created daily. So, what do you need to do if your child wants to be an engineer? We asked JCU’s Head of Engineering, Daniel Christie.

Subject selections
To work in most disciplines of Engineering you need solid maths and science skills. So, when it comes to subject selections, make sure your child knows she/he will need as a minimum entry requirement into an Engineering course, Maths B (mathematical methods) and English. However, to increase her/his chance of acceptance into a course and also give her/him a sold foundational understanding for completing the course, Maths C (Specialist Mathematics), Physics and Chemistry are strongly recommended.

If unsure, keep options broad
Once at university, Daniel recommends keeping subject selections broad. “My advice is not to specialise too early, to ensure your options remain open early in your career and provide flexibility throughout your career,” he says. “At JCU, the first year of Engineering is an opportunity for all students to explore all the broad disciplines (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical) prior to selecting your preferred area. Specialist selectable minor options are then available in later years of study to allow students to gain additional knowledge in areas of interest. However, that does not limit you to your base discipline when securing your first job or changing jobs into the future.”

Investigate local options
When considering universities, keep in mind that JCU, with campuses in both Townsville and Cairns, has a 5-star rating for job success, with 74.9% of JCU graduates finding full-time employment within four months of graduating and JCU graduates ranking number one in Australia for employer satisfaction (compared to graduates from any other university).

“For engineering, no significant employer discriminates based on the University attended. All Australian Engineering degrees are accredited through Engineers Australia,” says Daniel.

“JCU Engineering has always prided itself on producing job-ready engineering graduates who are truly valued by industry. Out of 73 engineering graduates across all the engineering disciplines in March 2018, more than 90% of the students had already secured a job before their graduation. Civil Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering disciplines had an outstanding graduate employment outcome at 100% and 93%, respectively. This success has been repeated for the class graduating in March 2019 with a vast majority of graduating students securing employment prior to the end of the 2018 calendar year.”


JCU will host Uni Experience days for high school students in coming months.
Year 10 Uni Experience: June 3–6.
Year 12 Uni Experience: July 15–18.





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