50 years and proud of it

Written by: Kurt Haller | Certified Financial Planner, Hallerwealth | March 31, 2019

The entrepreneurial spirit has always been part of our family. From the very beginning when my father Wayne started this business in 1969, to us operating offices in three locations, to today, having half our operation in a temporary location due to being displaced by a once in a 500-year flood. It was this entrepreneurial spirit that has always seen opportunity, when challenge came knocking. It has helped us make the right decisions, when tough decisions needed to be made. And it was those moments, that you never knew where they would eventually lead, that made it all worth it. Every business has core reasons why it has been successful, and our success is due to people.   

Growing up in Ayr and being raised by two wonderful and supportive parents was a privilege. I would watch my father Wayne at work and how he would interact with people and how everyone in his presence was always laughing and smiling. Dad quickly became more than an Adviser to our clients, he was their friend. And with Mum’s unconditional support, Dad grew our family business, built on a foundation of strong values. It is through these values that the business has remained resilient and relevant in today’s market. Dad’s passion for creating a strong future not only for his own family, but for every single one of our clients, has been demonstrated for 50 years. 


“This board means a lot to our staff, as they are motivated to be part of our legacy, and for that, we thank you..”


I am immensely proud of the amazing team we have and have had at Hallerwealth. Their dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients, learning new technology, tackling industry changes and fostering a positive and fun working environment, makes coming to work a pleasure each day. At Hallerwealth, we are a family and we pride ourselves on our team culture. We began a “10 Years of Service – Honour Board” to acknowledge and pay tribute to our loyal and devoted staff. And I’m proud to say this board currently has 14 names engraved on it, 6 of which have devoted 20+ years of service. An incredible number when you consider the size of our business. I know some large corporations that don’t have this tenure of staff. This board means a lot to our staff, they are motivated to be part of our legacy, and for that, we thank you.     

To the people who trust us and allow us to be their partner and deliver effective solutions that have a measurable impact on their lives are now our lifelong friends. Seeing the results and hearing the impact we have created in their life, excites us and pushes us to constantly improve and evolve.     

Having industry leading partners that allows us access to innovative products and technologies is the partner we found in Hillross. Through these partnerships, we are able to bring the right solutions to life, so our clients can be rewarded with the knowledge and expertise of professionals backed by market research.   

While today our clients are spread all over Australia and around the world, our roots are here in our local community. We could not and would not have thrived and survived if not for the support of the people and businesses throughout the region. That is why we have remained committed to being involved and engaged in the community since the beginning, supporting events and other local businesses just to name a few. Hallerwealth has certainly grown and evolved over our 50 years. So, if you are in business living your passion and want to keep doing it for the next 50 years, I can honestly say that putting your energy and effort into all the people that surround you, will get you there.



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