Why your smile is so important

Written by: 1300SMILES | Belgian Gardens | January 31, 2019

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like their smile, then you are very aware of the effort you go through to ensure it is hidden. Maybe you always keep your lips together when you smile in photos, ensuring that you don’t break into a laugh when the camera clicks? When you can’t control your laughter, you cover your mouth with your hand and in fact most of the time you find yourself walking around with a serious expression on your face, worried that someone might catch a glimpse of your teeth. 

And while there are great programs that exist like Photoshop that can transform your smile, living in fear isn’t the answer. When you don’t smile, you may come across as unhappy or unfriendly, even when you’re actually in a really good mood. So, if you are ready to fix that smile and return yourself to a time when you didn’t walk around in fear, let’s talk through your options.

As an adult, can I straighten my teeth?
As long as your teeth are healthy and strong then you may benefit well from the very popular adult orthodontics. We can offer affordable and high quality fixed braces that are specially designed to be discreet. Another option is Invisalign clear aligners, Invisalign is a well-known and popular orthodontic system that will safely straighten teeth using virtually invisible clear, removable aligners.

I am missing teeth: Can 1300SMILES restore them?
We have several ways we can restore teeth that might be missing. Dentures are still a popular and cost-effective method of replacing multiple missing teeth, while our beautiful bridges can effectively ‘bridge’ the gap left by lost teeth. We can also help with implants too, which create long lasting replacements for missing teeth. 

My teeth are Discoloured, will whitening help?
Tooth discolouration is a common problem that can have many different causes. Teeth naturally darken with age, which is one of the reasons why we associate a whiter smile with health and youthfulness, but lifestyle factors such as smoking and consuming highly coloured foods and drinks can all take its toll on the colour of your teeth. Luckily, you do not need to put up with a dull smile as we offer the latest in-chair tooth whitening treatments as well as fully customised take-home whitening kits. Some people prefer to use both treatments as the results of our in-chair whitening procedure can be boosted with the use of a home whitening kit.

Can my child receive dental care at 1300SMILES?
We treat all ages and particularly welcome children as we know
early dental care is incredibly important, and sets up for good long-term dental habits. Our dentists are great with children and can help even the most nervous child relax. You will find we offer a comprehensive range of high quality children’s dental treatments. Our children’s dental treatments focus on preventative dentistry, and we can help them learn healthy dental habits to last a lifetime. If your child is sports mad, then ask us about custom-made mouthguards
as this helps protect young teeth and jaws against knocks and blows
and may help prevent a lifetime of dental bills to restore broken or missing teeth. 

Most of us want to enjoy having a beautiful and healthy smile, so when choosing a dentist for you or your family, ensure they provide these three things; affordability, accessibility and availability. With 10 dental practices located throughout North Queensland, finding a 1300SMILES available appointment is easy. Plus, your dental costs only make up one part of your overall health care needs, which makes choosing the right dentist even more important, ensuring your dental budget stretches so much further. At 1300SMILES we have access to easy, affordable payment plans such as ZIP and arrangements with private health insurance providers. 

Why don’t you give us a call today and start living a life smiling!


Reasons to Smile

1. Smiling improves your mood and relieves stress as it releases endorphins.

2. Smiling boosts your immune system because your whole body relaxes when you smile.

3. Smiles are contagious. When you smile, everyone around you smiles. 

4. It’s physically easier to smile than it is to frown because it uses less muscles.

5. Smiling is the universal sign of happiness. Everyone knows what a smile means.

6. Smiling projects confidence.

7. Smiling makes you appear more attractive.

8. When you smile, you’re perceived as an approachable person.

9. People who smile are considered more trustworthy.

10. Smiles help you make a great first impression in all aspects of your life.



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