North Queenslanders say, “YES ”

Written by: Success North Queensland | January 31, 2019

to greater regional coverage, cost-effective solutions and  fantastic customer service, thanks to Optus. 

It’s been almost 30 years since Optus entered the Australian telco market – in a time when mobile phones were limited to calls and texts and Internet on a mobile phone seemed like a concept from Back to the Future. Optus was the new kid on the block, fighting for a piece of a monopolised market – how times have changed. 

Today, the new kid on the block has become a veritable telco powerhouse, delivering mobile services to over ten million users,
and a network spanning 98.5% of the Australian population.

With more customers ‘making the switch’ than ever before, Optus has invested billions of dollars enhancing their regional network coverage and ensuring hundreds and thousands more Aussies have access to the NBN. 

 As Optus’ commitment to the north continues into 2019, we thought we’d take a moment to chat with General Manager in North Queensland, David Morrissey – about lighting up blackspots, supporting communities and local businesses, and expanding regional mobile and broadband coverage in NQ.

In the past three years, Optus has invested an incredible $5.9billion into infrastructure in Australia, enhancing customers’ national network coverage and providing greater access to mobile and broadband services. It’s all a part of Optus’ ongoing commitment to providing Australians a fast, reliable regional network choice, and driving a digital future in rural and remote areas.

“Last year, we wanted to provide greater coverage to all areas of the north Queensland population by investing in more infrastructure. In the Townsville area we committed $2.45million and installed five new towers, in Cairns $2.5million and five new towers – 20 across the greater north and far north Queensland regions,” Dave said.

“At Optus, we’re committed to improving connectivity in regional and rural areas across North Queensland.”

The new base stations strengthened existing services in a number of areas most recently in Alice River, Rangewood, Ayr, Port Douglas, Smithfield and Holloways Beach. Two new towers in Charters Towers and eight new base stations on the Overlanders Highway between Charters Towers and Mount Isa provided greater coverage to the outlying rural regions in the West. Optus has plans to continue its installations across North Queensland, with new towers scheduled to go live in Black River, Babinda, Clifton Beach and Forest Gardens in early 2019. 

Optus’ participation in the national Mobile Black Spot Program reaffirms their unrelenting dedication to network investment regional and remote locations across Australia, the program dedicated to providing services to customers in hard to reach location. 

 “We’re committed to improving connectivity in regional and rural areas. These investments are aimed at increasing the coverage as well as improving the penetration and capacity of the network in existing areas. This means a reliable network for calls and a faster network in more areas.”

This is great news for individual customers and regional businesses alike, which rely on the superior network performance for integral day-to-day operations. Last year, The Townsville Hospital and Townsville Airport engaged Optus to install ‘in building coverage’ solutions to provide better access and coverage throughout buildings in these key locations, reinforcing the importance of their expansion efforts and ongoing commitment to deliver excellent customer service throughout north Queensland. 

“We’re bringing competition to North Queensland through innovative technology and efficient, cost effective, service delivery. Businesses can see the value in making the transition to Optus – we provide affordable, state-of-the-art telecommunications backed by excellent customer service.” 

“Great customer service is our point of difference. Our team of experienced consultants are committed to building long-term customer relationships while ensuring effective results.

Whether you’re a new customer or an existing one, we want to give you the best mobile and customer service experience in every situation.” 

For Optus, being a part of the north Queensland community involves more than just providing a great mobile network and customer service experience. Optus prides itself on being a member of the community by financially supporting many local clubs, sporting teams and community groups. These include:

    James Cook University Student Association 

  Redlynch Futsal Club 

  Townsville Cricket 

  Townsville Triathlon Festival

  North Queensland Football 

  Youth With A Mission (YWAM) 

“Optus is a part of the north Queensland community. An important part of being a ‘local’ is giving back to our community and sporting groups – it’s another example of our ongoing investment into north Queensland.”


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