Make 2019 the best year for you

Written by: Daniel Pritchard | Sales Manager, Delta Office Solutions | January 31, 2019

It’s that time of year again! Every year we’re prompted by society to start again, to revitalise, set some New Year’s Resolutions, and become the best version
of “you”.

 Often these are personal targets, achieved via self-improvement, motivational or self-help books, and surrounding ourselves with inspirational pictures, quotes, and all the rest. But how can we apply that to our business life? What about New Year – New Business? Can changes in the way you operate improve your results? Will improvements in your business translate to a better you?

The answer is yes! Imagine if productivity were increased by 15%. What about fixing processes so you can achieve the same or better results with less personal input? Let’s not forget cutting or reducing unnecessary expenses. What does this look like to your personal life? I can tell you from experience that it means less stress, more financial freedom, higher motivation and most importantly a better, more relaxed you.

 Or maybe 2019 means something different to you, maybe it means New Year – New Adventure. Perhaps you are looking to start a new business, and need help getting off the ground.

 This is all very cliché, but how do we achieve this in business? Let’s take a quick look at some of things that Delta can offer that might help your business be the best it can be.


Free Audit – Printing
Delta has operated in the print and copier industry for 30 years. We have experience coming out of our experience. We have a large service team who are there to help. And most importantly we have a Business Development team who want to work with you. Our team will consult with you to find out how you operate, what makes your business tick, are there any roadblocks caused by having the wrong equipment? Are you experiencing unnecessarily high costs in your print environment? How much time is spent doing manual tasks? Is there a solution to reduce the manual task, freeing up staff time to generate income for your business? Our team will help uncover the best version of printing in your business, with savings often ranging between 15–40% (sometimes higher!).

 Free Audit – IT Support
In a world of technology, it’s important to always be moving with the times. For Delta this meant identifying that IT Services are integral to the print industry. The best way to ensure the best service is given is to do it ourselves. We can then also support the client in all of their IT Support and Equipment needs. Our team will be happy to sit with you and find out about your IT needs and concerns, and ask questions to understand the way technology affects your business. We will then provide a recommendation for support and if required a roadmap for your technology needs so you can plan ahead.

We live it and breath it. Phones and Internet run our world. In the Information Age, data means freedom, and power. If you can’t access your systems, you can’t operate your business. If your customers can’t contact you, you can’t earn income. Don’t mess with providers that supply sub-standard services or are difficult to reach and talk to. If something goes wrong, you need to be able to access help. Delta is a locally owned and operated Optus Business Centre (OBC). We’re just around the corner, and we will answer your call.

Optus has invested so much money into Regional Australia and Townsville has benefited greatly from this investment. Mobile coverage is the best it’s ever been. Data plans are the best they’ve ever been. But let’s not rule out the fixed services, the NBN/Internet and the business phone systems.

Before you commit to a contract with any provider, make sure you give the local Optus Business Centre the chance to sit down and show you why we think we’ve got the best option for your business.

Contact Delta today, and let’s take the journey to the “best you” together.

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