Tips from Tiff to build your self-confidence

Written by: Tiffany Hall | November 30, 2018

Repeat after me

Mantras are a great way to build your confidence and self-worth when they are repeated over and over. Start your day off with saying something positive to yourself. Try “I will continue to learn and grow”,  “I am worthy of all the good things that happen in my life”,  or “I acknowledge my own self-worth; my self confidence is rising.”


Close the door on Debbie Downer 

Acknowledge the thoughts that weigh you down – the ones that don’t serve a purpose other than to get stuck in your brain. Tell yourself some releasing statements like “It’s okay to be upset” or “I forgive myself for procrastinating”. This takes away the need to emotionally bash yourself. You can now redirect your energy into helpful things rather than telling yourself you’re doing a bad job at life.


Forget the to-do list, make a great list

I love lists but that’s a story for another time. One of my fave tricks to do when you’re having a bit of a tough time is create a GREAT list. Sit down and make a list of all the things you’re thankful for (even the little things like extra crunchy peanut butter) and a second list of all of the things you’re proud of achieving (maybe it was that horrible report or that 1000-piece puzzle or even your listening skills or amazing sense of humour). Put your lists somewhere you see them often, the bathroom mirror or the fridge door so you can be constantly and easily reminded of all of the amazing things in your life and if you’re having a Negative Nancy moment, look at your lists and let your own awesome self inspire you.


Look in the mirror a few times a day and smile. Seeing a happy smiley face (even if you’re faking it till you make it a little) can encourage your brain to register certain emotions. So if your noggin sees that beaming smile shining out of your face every day, slowly you’ll start feeling happier with what you see and more confident in the long run. People love a smile too and they’re infectious – you’ll get a nice happy boost from the smiles you receive in return. 


Keep your friends close

Keep a positive support network around you (my Ninjas on get the benefit of a fantastic private community!) and make sure you connect with those who are close to you to keep your perspective on the right track. Stay away from toxic people and relationships that don’t fill you with joy.


Tiffiny Hall is the founder of online health & fitness TIFFXO.COM, an author, ninja and expert trainer who has appeared as a trainer on The Biggest Loser Australia and health expert on The Living Room.

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