Meet Emily Ingham

Written by: Success North Queensland | November 30, 2018

An aspiring Australian artist who is addicted to colour, pop culture and fashion. And now you can own a piece of her work. 

As a lover of all things pop culture, she has taken great pride in painting many celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Bindi Irwin, Candice Swanopoel, and Rihanna, as well as well-known YouTubers Michael Finch, Lily Brown, Mollie Rose, Amy Jane Brand and Patrick Starrr. In doing this she has received the greatest compliment by having the celebrities themselves repost her designs! A pretty amazing achievement for such a young and aspiring artist. 

Emily creates unique designs and applies them to prints, clothing and accessories. Head over to her online shop to purchase a special gift or something awesome for yourself. 

Want something personally created for you? Are you longing for that mural on the wall of your office, café or home? Emily is also an artist that is available for commissioned work. 

Emily grew up in Townsville and has been completing her degree in Melbourne at the Whitehouse Institute for Design. She has held successful exhibitions and eventually hopes to have her art appear all over the world. Emily creates unique masterpieces that make people feel happy and inspired. 

Most importantly, follow Emily to see what she will be painting next by adding her on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. 

We cannot wait to see where her unique creations end up in the future.

It is our pleasure to showcase a selection of Emily’s portfolio that is available for sale on the following page.


buy me! you can purchase online through my website or message me on Instagram

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