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Written by: Rachael Licciardello | November 30, 2018

Ever heard the saying that smiling is contagious? Well, North Queensland businessman Dr Daryl Holmes would argue that smiling is really a choice. A choice for happiness, a choice to take-action and create the life, and success, you want. The dentist, businessman and Order of the British Empire recipient has now added ‘author’ to his resume. His first book delves into happiness and how you can achieve it.

As with many of the most satisfying and thought-provoking conversations shared between friends, Dr Daryl Holmes and his Texas-based business coach and friend Tony Jeary, were enjoying a bottled of red in front of a fireplace, after a long day skiing in Colorado.

Daryl and Tony found themselves discussing how grateful they were for the lives they have created and how they came to achieve success. The big, rhetorical questions followed: What, actually, is success? What is joy? What is contentment? Inspired by where this conversation was heading, Tony hit ‘record’ on his phone. By the end of the evening, they had shaped a rudimentary roadmap to happiness. Over two years, they developed and refined the book and published in September.

Each successful in their respective fields – Tony known as ‘the results guy’ and Daryl the founder of the ASX-listed 1300SMILES dental group – the co-authors have achieved business success, financial success and contentment in their lives, making them not experts but examples. Of course, happiness is subjective and individual. What seems to be consistent though, is that it’s too easy for most of us to get bogged down in bad habits, stuck on the hamster wheel, too scared to lose momentum. We just keep moving forward – but not necessarily towards ‘happiness’. 

Living Life Smiling kicks off with a happiness index, to benchmark where you’re currently at, and refer back to and update throughout your life. As well as being an easy read and thought-provoking, it’s a useful tool to help us determine our individual goals and measures, with tips to keep you on track.

“What I’ve learned through growing a business, is that success and contentment are about strategy,” says Daryl. “It’s about vision, mission, values. It’s about clarity, focus, and execution. These are pillars, or the core foundations, of both business and life.”

When talking about ‘happiness’ too often money is pushed aside, however Daryl and Tony have included it as the second of their key areas critical to achieving happiness in the world we live in.

Daryl, who “started with nothing” and built a dental empire throughout Australia, emphasises the importance of giving money, as well as creating money, for happiness. “Spend, do, get – they’re all important. The same is true for time; time and money are very valuable to give and to help others.”

In October, Daryl travelled to Buckingham Palace alongside Ken Mulligan, Managing Director at YWAM Medical Ships, to each receive Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) awards from Princess Anne, for their work funding and delivering medical services to some of the world’s poorest areas like PNG.

“It comes back to a quote from Zig Ziglar that I’ve referred to throughout my life,” shares Daryl. “You will get everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Living Life Smiling’s 6 key areas that are critical to creating a life of happiness:

Doing what is most meaningful and what matters the most.

Enjoying cash flow, financial freedom, and giving back to others.

Having positive emotions and a motivated state of mind.

Living a life that includes intentionally good habits and actions.

Being immersed in work and the people you love and enjoy.

Living with purpose and alignment, and ensuring others win!


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