Masculine meals for manly men

Written by: | July 31, 2018

Now when somebody says ‘masculine food’, typically we think of sausages, rissoles and smoked meats. (Can’t forget a bloody steak; yeah yeah, fire up the barbie, with a beer in-hand!) But I’m sitting here thinking: Why are foods that are cooked over an aggressive flame what we as a society consider to be ‘masculine?’ 

Maybe it comes from our ancestral history, evoking the image of the hairy, ‘masculine’ Neanderthal chewing on the stereotypical giant drumstick, and man of the tribe throwing the whole beast onto a fire. But we are now in the 21st century; it’s 2018AC people! Not 2018BC! In my honest opinion, we need to break down these ‘masculinity’ barriers that we as a society hold and start thinking about a more modern image of the typical male, which will not only benefit our health but benefit our culture as we continue to grow and progress towards a more modern society. 

So, with that, let’s talk ‘masculine’ food. 

Actually wait, let’s not. Let’s just talk about good food that all men will enjoy. How about some great alternatives to the typical snags, rissoles and pork chops that we see being thrown onto the backyard barbie? 

Let’s start with exploring different cuts of meat. Remember the rules: Lean meat = high temperatures and short cooking time, while fatty cuts = low and slow!

Pork tenderloin is an excellent cut of meat that works really well when treated with the searing temperatures of a barbeque. Not only does it marinate really well, but it has a great texture and also has a really high protein percentage and low fat, along with the fact that it’s easy on the wallet. 

Seafood is another great example. A beautiful piece of fresh fish, seared over the hotplate of a barbeque is incredible. Finish it with a bit of lemon juice and fresh herbs and you’ve got the protein component for your shindig without the stereotype and fat content of a supermarket sausage.

What about the sides you ask? Well Cobber, ditch the dollar loaf of white bread and bottle of Heinz dead horse (tomato sauce if you’re unfamiliar with Australian rhyming slang) and swap it out for a fresh salad.

Here’s one of my go-to salad recipes. 

(Forewarning, it has KALE in it but before you write me off and turn the page, at least finish this paragraph because I’m going to teach you how this seemingly dreadful leaf can be transformed into a delicate and delicious treat!)




1 bunch of regular kale

150gms of cooked brown rice

250gms roasted pumpkin – cooled

½ a Spanish onion

1 whole avocado

150gm Danish feta – gently broken up

1 lemon

Olive oil

Salt, pepper and chilli



1. Take your kale and cut it up into small pieces. About 2cm. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Now sensually massage the oil into the kale for a good couple of minutes. The kale will turn a darker shade of green and the massaging will break down the fiber connections in the leaves, making it super tender, like spinach. Voila! Your kale isn’t shit anymore!

2. Take the rest of your ingredients and gently mix them in a bowl with your kale. Juice the lemon and then finally season with salt, pepper and chilli. Delicious!


Harry Foster is a former Masterchef Australia contestant and NQ lad who each edition gives us a taste of his energetic approach to food. Follow Harry’s foodie adventures on Instagram @hazfos

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