King Social

Written by: Meghan Peters | November 30, 2017

It’s been a huge year for King Social following their success in last year’s Australia’s Got Talent competition. Their debut album, In Colour is charting #1 on iTunes Australia Hip Hop Chart and #6 on ARIA Australian Artists Album Chart, singles Lemonade and La Di Da hit #1 on Triple J Unearthed overall charts, and the guys have been busy on the road performing to fans new and old and making new friends like Sticky Fingers, The Rubens and Dan Sultan. We sat down with the band ahead of their New Year’s Eve gig at IslandLife to chat all things summer – deserted islands, tropical fruit, New Year’s resolutions and plans for 2018.


It’s exciting to have you guys home for New Year’s Eve performing at IslandLife what has been the highlight so far for 2017? 

Jason: Releasing our debut album.

Costa: Definitely releasing our album.

Waqa: Yep, the debut album.

Angus: The gigs from Melbourne. We didn’t expect anyone to turn up, and there was like 2000–3000 people singing our song to us. It was the highest I’ve been on the whole tour.

Stevie: Caloundra Music Festival.


So while we’re on the theme of islands, what would be the one thing you would need if you were on a deserted island? 

Angus: Can I say my wife and her sister?

Stevie: I was definitely going to say your wife and her sister.


So you actually like your wife’s sister? That’s unusual! 

Angus: Do I like my wife’s sister?

Jason: That’s exactly what he means hahahaha!

Stevie: A hammock.

Costa: Soccer ball. Wilson, I need a Wilson. Entertainment.

Angus: Hair removal cream; for Jason’s shoulders.

Waqa: A fishing rod.


Which group member would you take with you?

Stevie: Waqa straight up! Waqa’s from Fiji, he knows exactly what he’s doing. I’ll die if I don’t take Waqa, he’ll save me! If I take Jason I’ll be dead.

Costa: I’d take Waqa as well, definitely.

Angus:I’m thinking I’d take Jason, cos he’s bigger than everyone, there’s more meat on him, we could eat him.

Jason: You wouldn’t take Costa, there’s no meat on him. Not Stevie, he’d just cry to himself, “I’m so hungry!”

Waqa: ………. [we could hear the crickets chirping – it seems Waqa thinks he is the best option too!] 


If you could be a fruit what would you be and why?

Jason: I’d be a banana because bananas have more fun.

Stevie: An apple. To keep the doctor away.

Angus: I’d be a strawberry – and wait for women to wrap their lips around me.

Jason: I like strawberries.

Waqa: I’d be a cabbage.

Angus: Nobody wants to be a cabbage!

Costa: Yeah, I’d be a banana – everyone loves a banana. You can do lots with banana. Banana ice cream, banana smoothie, banana and peanut butter on toast; 25 things you can do with a banana. So many options.

Jason: We get it Costa, you’d be a banana!


What’s a typical summer outfit for you guys?

Jason: First, we’ll describe Angus here, footy shorts and a tight t-shirt. Oh and his going out pluggers.

Angus: And a towel over my shoulder. There’s always a towel over my shoulder. For Jason, Doc Martens, jeans and some random shirt that he’s found on the floor.

Stevie: Don’t forget his King Social basketball jersey.

Jason: For Costa it would be hippy pants and no shirt.

Stevie: And Waqa’s would be a sarong.

Angus: What about Mitchell’s (Stevie)?

Stevie: Budgie smugglers!


What was the most awesome place to perform this year?

Stevie: Caloundra Music Festival. It was amazing. We had a day to ourselves and it was just a great place to chill out.

[Waqa, Costa, Jason all murmur in agreement]

Angus: Melbourne. For many reasons.


Who’s someone to watch out for on the Australian music scene in 2018?

Angus: The Tesky Brothers.

Jason: Realm City.

Stevie: The Badlands – they’re rock stars, real rock stars.

Costa: The Taste – a Cairns band, people say they remind them of us! Watch out for them.

Stevie: Drew Boy and the Sax Addicts.

Costa: Yeah Drew Boy and the Sax Addicts, another great upcoming band in Cairns.


Where do you most want to perform next year? 

Jason: King Island! King Island is on the western side of Bass Strait, between Tassie and Victoria, and the whole festival is about saving King Island Lighthouse. We get to perform with Ashley Maddox and Kim Churchill over the Australia Day long weekend. It’s going to be a great gig. The cows are already at work making cheese for us.

Stevie: Bluesfest!

Angus: Bluesfest!

[Chant ensues – Bluesfest, Bluesfest, Bluesfest!]

Angus: And Groovin the Moo. Definitely trying to get on the list for 2018.


What is your definition of success to you?

Angus: Successful people make life look easy. They make everything look easy. Stevie makes life look easy. He bought a new house, completely renovated and all he had to do was move in and buy a couch. I bought a house and still haven’t moved in – I’m still trying to renovate it.

Stevie: Yeah see, I just don’t try and do things I can’t do.

Jason: I’ve always wanted to build my own house.

Stevie: What, with your own hands? You wouldn’t enjoy it bro. Bossing people around.

Costa: I agree with Gussy in terms of success, it’s people who make life look easy.

Waqa: You’ve got it, Angus.


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