Written by: Marissa Candy | November 29, 2017


That’s right, you are reading the 2017 Best Non-Daily Publication across regional Queensland – Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Mackay, Atherton Tablelands, west to Mt Isa, north to Weipa and of course on our home turf of Cairns and Townsville – as deemed by the Queensland Multi Media Awards.

The Queensland Multi Media Awards was formed as a platform for members of the media and associated businesses to showcase their expertise in their field and demonstrate to their peers and competitors the high standard of their work.

This achievement cannot be done without the tireless work of a creative, dedicated team that works together to produce quality work and overcome challenges. It also cannot be done without you your our readers, and our supportive clients who recognise the value of regional media.

Our team is committed to continuing this quality publication through 2018, and I welcome any feedback you have, content ideas you would like to put forward or business collaborations – we love fresh ideas and local business!

Thank you.

Marissa and the Success NQ team





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