The Water Challenge

Written by: Tiffiny Hall | Founder of online health & fitness TIFFXO.COM | August 2, 2017

Be a H2o Hero and drink only water for the month. Australia is in the top 10 countries per capita for sugar consumption. Here’s a great way to cut sugar out of your diet.

• One 600ml can of soft drink is 16 tsp in one sitting!

• One 600ml bottle of fruit drink a day = you will consume 23kg of sugar in a year.


“Water is a natural appetite suppressant and helps to flush out fluid retention.”



• If your tongue is white – it’s a good sign you’re already dehydrated!

• Limit milky coffees with added sugar, alcohol, soft drinks, diet soft drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes, sports drinks, and energy drinks.

• Coffee as a long black with a dash of full cream milk, espresso or a piccolo with full cream milk is okay.

• Herbal tea is allowed too.

• Mineral water is allowed.

• Feel free to add zest to your water: cucumber, lemon, lime, mint or berries for flavour.



Speed up your metabolism. The idea is not to drink your calories but to eat them, eating speeds up the metabolism through the processes of digestion. Drinking your calories has no thermic effect on your metabolism. Save money. Drinking water saves money over drinking soft drinks and cordials. One can of soft drink a day can add up to cost you $1000 a year – that’s 25 months of TIFFXO! Stop mindless snacking. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and helps to flush out fluid retention.

• Burn more fat. Every physiological process that occurs in your body happens in water. Including fat burn! If you are dehydrated you slow down fat burn.

• Boost your brain power. Dehydration is the single most common cause of daytime fatigue. In fact, keeping well hydrated can improve your cognitive function by as much as 30%.

To really kick some winter kilos to the curb try the Water Challenge and The Distraction Diet together!



Food cravings usually pass within 10 minutes, so the distraction diet is about distracting yourself from cravings:

• Brush your teeth after dinner so you have a fresh mouth and don’t feel like eating any more.

• Drink herbal tea slowly, and mindfully. By the end of the cup of tea, aim to have listed in your head all the things you are grateful for.

• Set the table for dinner. Make it an event and sit down and eat meals, avoid eating in front of the TV always.

• Do 10 star jumps every time you go to the fridge between meals.

• Pre-make snacks for the day – food prep 101.

• Hide the treats so you physically can’t see them or better yet ask your housemate or partner to hide the treats from you so you don’t know where they are!

• Limit TV and swap ad breaks for stretching breaks.

• Try a TIFFXO 4 Minute Tabata (workout). The point of the 4-minute workout is intensity not duration – 4 minutes of exercise can boost your mood and energy levels. The workout will help to shift your focus from snacking mindlessly to realigning with your goals. It’s about snack awareness not just exercise; 4 minutes may not burn 800 calories, but it will save you from eating that 800-calorie muffin. In the time it takes to eat a Kit Kat you can smash a 4 minute workout. It’s one song on your iPod, one ad break on the TV, 4 minutes of cat videos on YouTube!


4 minute workout:

How many times can you perform the following exercises in 4 minutes?

• 7 pushups

• 7 squats

• 7 punches

• 7 star jumps

Put your score on the fridge for a family member to beat!


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