Profiling: Jacob Cohen

Written by: Success North Queensland | August 2, 2017

Success NQ congratulates Jacob Cohen on winning the inaugural Southern Comfort Travelling Tales Cocktail Competition in Sydney.


Congratulations Jacob! Tell us what it felt like to be named our country’s best bartender?

After witnessing the incredible calibre of the other competitors I really wasn’t sure who was going to take out the title which made even sweeter when they called my name out! Truly one of the greatest moments of my life so far.


For how long have you been a mixologist?

I’ve been working in the bar industry for about 2.5 years now but only making cocktails for about 1.5 years which made me a bit of an underdog going into the competition.


How did you come to discover your skills as a bartender?

Bartending started as something to do part-time while at uni and by complete accident it exploded into one of the great passions of my life and is something that I will continue to pursue as a career.


What inspired your winning mix, The Bootlegger?

The Bootlegger was inspired by tales my great grandfather used to tell me about growing up in New Orleans during prohibition, he would recall how the bootleggers would smuggle liquor and beer in their large boots. This inspired me to combine beer with Southern Comfort.


What does The Bootlegger taste like? Describe that first sip to those of us unfamiliar.

The Bootlegger is a tantalising burst of well balanced flavours, starting with a battle of sweet and sour first then moving to some bitters notes and to finish on the back of the palate you get a hit of saltiness which makes you crave another sip!


What’s next for you?

Winning this competition has really put my name out there and has introduced me to some incredible people which means I’ll start doing more events, masterclasses and other alcohol related parties and appearances. But in the immediate future I will also be apart of the Patron Perfections cocktail competition where I’m hoping for another win, only time will tell!


The Bootlegger might be your latest winner, but what’s your drink of choice?

I’m a lover of all things alcohol and my drink of choice really depends on my mood or the occasion however if I had to pick a cocktail to drink it would have to be an Eastside, it’s a twist on the classic Southside and contains Gin, lime juice, mint, sugar and cucumber. It’s very light and refreshing good for a lot of occasions!

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