Emerging Futures

Written by: Townsville Enterprise | August 2, 2017

Townsville North Queensland is blessed with an abundance of great community and industry leaders, ensuring our region is on track to reach its potential.

But what’s next? What happens when it comes time for these great leaders to retire or move on? Townsville Enterprise takes the future of our region very seriously and five years ago embarked on an initiative to ensure Townsville North Queensland would be cared for by a set of leaders well equipped for whatever the future may hold for our great region.

The Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program offers a unique opportunity to middle and executive level management and business owners. Running over 12 months, the program is aimed at enhancing the critical skills, knowledge and aptitude required to become a community and/or industry leader. It responds to a recognised need to develop a pool of leadership talent to progress our city and the region.

Each participant is partnered with a high profile Mentor. The Program’s Mentors are highly successful business, political, community and industry leaders specially selected to expose the participants to a wealth of knowledge. Each month the participants will attend a module themed to a topic relevant to the growth of the Townsville North Queensland region. These modules give participants access to high profile speakers broadening their outlook and allowing them to develop connections that may become valuable in their later careers.

The participants will also be grouped into small teams and presented with a project of significance to the Townsville North Queensland region. The project component of the
Program provides participants with the opportunity to work with colleagues outside of their own industry and deliver a project with a positive community outcome.

Success North Queensland is proud to unveil to its readers the 2017-18 cohort of Emerging Leaders and give a little insight into what they could bring to our region in the future.



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