Embrace the struggle

Written by: Lucy Day | August 2, 2017

The dark days. We all have them: times when life feels like an uphill struggle and nothing feels right. Rather than make a futile attempt to get through them, Intuitive Coach, Lucy Day challenges you to embrace the tough times and create incredible results.

In a world where happiness has become the holy grail, it may seem strange for me to suggest you should be glad for tough times yet having worked with hundreds of lost souls over the years I have found our saddest periods can be our greatest. Seemingly hopeless moments bring with them the perfect opportunity to create lasting meaning in our lives, lighting the way for more success and contentment than we could believe possible.

So, as an entrepreneurial spirit, I know you won’t be a stranger to self-improvement. Let me flip your thinking to take your lowest ebbs and make them work for you in three simple yet life-changing ways.

1/ Let reality rock you

If you’re looking to the future with a despondent heart, chances are you’re no longer on the right path and it’s time to consult the map. Embrace the discomfort you’re feeling — it’s there to guide you back to your truth, to where you should be in life.

View your situation clearly for what is perhaps the first time. Have you really been honest with yourself about what you want? It’s easy to find yourself swept down a path that you didn’t sign up for.

Allow reality to show you what you want and, more importantly, what you don’t. This may come as a golden opportunity or a slap in the face — it’s up to you to listen, learn and make positive changes. The more honest you are now, the more contentment you will create for yourself in the future.


“The brightest light often shines from within the darkest of places.”

– Lucy Day


2/ Take your power back

If your life feels like it has spiralled out of control, chances are you’ve allowed someone or something to take away your personal power.

It’s natural to hope that things will improve but waiting for something to change wastes valuable time and can affect your self-confidence. Who or what is holding you back? What is missing from your life? What decisions need to be put into play? Make a decisive plan and put changes into action right now.

Successful people see opportunities, not threats, get on with it and smash through barriers refusing to allow anything to take away their personal power. Taking back your power may require you to be brave but will deliver tenfold.

3/ Dig deep

If things feel off, accept that over the years you’ve changed: your goals, beliefs and desires aren’t what they were. Embrace this new found knowledge of yourself and decide to adjust your life accordingly.

Let your sadness fuel a search for more meaning and purpose — what external areas of your life are no longer aligned to who you are inside? Seek greater connection in your relationships, make more time for yourself and get back to the essence of that deep soul that resides inside of you.

Overcoming your own troubles often has the power to ignite a burning desire to help others, awakening an empathy that leads you to do great things, aligning to your higher purpose and bringing soul-deep satisfaction and meaning to your life.

One thing is for sure, whilst happiness is temporal sadness is too. There are moments of joy to be found throughout life, but if we can see sadness as a gift, something that we can appreciate and embrace and make good from, that, for me, is the real key to success.

Lucy Day is an ex-Pharmaceutical Managing Director turned International Psychic Medium, Qualified Intuitive Coach and published author, based in Townsville. Lucy coaches her clients to express themselves in their soul’s highest purpose, finding lasting contentment, success and spiritual alignment. Her books, ‘From Passenger to Pilot: Personal Power’ & ‘Gin & other Spirits’ are available from her website www.themodernmedium.com, Salt Therapy in Gulliver & online bookstores/Amazon. To connect with Lucy, follow her on Facebook and Instagram @themodernmedium

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