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Written by: Andrew Griffiths | August 2, 2017


“Motivate Yourself”– Andro Donovan.

There are lots of books about motivation, how to get it when you’ve lost it, how to keep it, how to help others get motivated and so forth. I’ve read lots of them. What I really like about this one is that it is the perfect blend of aspirational high level reasoning with a pile of down and dirty “how to” advice.

Anyone struggling with motivation is probably not going to read a book telling them how to get motivated if it’s too hard a read or if it’s simply too dull or not engaging. This book ticks all the boxes and I found myself pleasantly surprised by “Motivate Yourself”.

So if you need a lift, a bit of fire back in your belly, check it out. It’s readily available.



Entrepreneur on Fire

This is considered the leading entrepreneurial podcast in the world by many people. Run by John Lee Dumas, it is a daily podcast, with a huge amount of valuable information. It is American, and a bit salesy, but if you can look beyond that you will really get excellent advice and a lot of daily motivation. I tend to have the show playing in the background when I’m working and my spider senses tune into the parts that resonate with me. Visit it on itunes or the website above.


“Remember to give respect should be mandatory, to keep respect is a privilege.”




Pretty much every day someone comes up to me and says that they want to write a book. So many people do, but the problem is they don’t know where to start. In the past 5 years, I’ve personally coached and mentored over 300 people to write and publish their first book. These books are across every topic imaginable (all non-fiction), and they are truly world class. People have been asking me to run book writing retreats for years, well now I do. I run a 4-day retreat called AUTHOR ACADEMY in Sanur Bali, and my next one is August 24th – August 27 2017.

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